Ubiquinol is a modern day supplement that delivers an effective bio-available nature of Coenzyme Q10. This necessary nutrient is however found in the human body itself; but it is necessary to break it for proper utilization by the body.

The human body is developed to utilize Coenzyme Q10, when available in a simpler form of ubiquinol. People over 50 years of age require external supply of ubiquinol. This becomes highly necessary since the natural ability of their body to produce the coenzyme declines after reaching a certain age.

What ubiquinol actually is?

Coenzyme Q10 is essentially a substance working the same as vitamins. They have two physiological roles – production of energy in human body and protecting anti-oxidants.

It is also a part of a chain involved in electron transport and even participates in the process of cellular respiration under aerobic influence. It is directly responsible to generate the maximum energy requirements of human body.

As an effective antioxidant, the coenzyme helps to scavenge out free radicals and prevents proteins in the process. The coenzyme is also highly responsible to protect mitochondrial DNA and LDL cholesterol from damage through oxidation. The composition remains active in various membranes of cell organelles and cells.

After thorough research and laboratory activities, experts unveiled a new nature of Coenzyme Q10, and called it Ubiquinol. This was considered to be the most active of all coenzymes known to date. Apart from this, experts also claimed that the newly discovered coenzyme possesses increased bioavailability in comparison to the standard form – ubiquinone.

Benefits of supplementing through Ubiquinol

  • Improves health of the heart
  • Increases levels of energy in the human body
  • Supports effective equilibrium and hearing functions
  • Enhances strong immune effects
  • Maintains periodontal health
  • Prevents from any adverse effect of drugs
  • Regulates sugar levels in blood
  • Protects cells of liver from becoming toxic
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant

Increased absorption ability of Ubiquinol

It is a proven fact that Ubiquinone is a formula of coenzyme that is absorbed poorly in the human bloodstream. However, after the process of absorption, it converts into usable Ubiquinol so that the human body can utilize the coenzyme effectively. However, the process is very lengthy.

On the other hand, Ubiquinol is a highly active nature of this beneficial coenzyme. It is readily absorbed by the human body and gets perfectly assimilated into the blood stream. The composition also does not undergo any phase transformation, therefore saves time and produces more energy.

Several reasons for considering consumption of ubiquinol, replacing coenzyme Q10

The following factors should let you reconsider the utilization of the latest ubiquinol composition instead of your conventional ubiquinone –

  • People suffering from liver disease or diabetes
  • Crossing the age barrier of 40 years
  • Having plenty of anti aging drug components
  • Experiencing low energy or chronic fatigue at regular occasions

Facts about ubiquinol

The greatest advantage of ubiquinol is that the substance is highly bio-available compared to powdered ubiquinone. A head-to-head experimentation of single-dose study reveals that oil based substance of ubiquinol possesses 60 percent more absorbing power in comparison to powdered ubiquinone.

Extensive study also shows that ubiquinol has increased absorbable power when it is stored as an oil-based content, since it is primarily a lipid soluble coenzyme.

In spite of all these visible advantages that has mesmerized various experts engaged in studying into the coenzyme composition, there are a number of glaring challenges involved –

  • Highly expensive in comparison to powdered ubiquinone
  • The substance turns into ubiquinone after coming in direct contact with air
  • Limited delivery options – only encapsulation in soft gel or oil form is proving to be effective, till date

Several advantages associated with ubiquinol

There are a number of advantages of ubiquinol. Few are discussed as follows:

  • Preventing cognitive heart failure
  • Preventing migraine
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Acting as anti-fatigue agent
  • Acts as satin drugs to fight cholesterol

Preventing cognitive heart failure

Major breakthrough is achieved in this respect. Cardiologists have reported that the complex of ubiquinol has helped innumerable patients suffering from cognitive heart failure to return into normal life after taking the composition at a prescribed dosage.

Preventing migraine

Study has also shown dramatic results in controlling effects of migraine after continuous medication of ubiquinol for a period of three subsequent months. Health Canada has already approved ubiquinol as an effective alternative for migraine prevention.

Preventing diabetes

Increased oxidative stress is a common problem with patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes. This even decreases levels of ubiquinol faster. Studies have also shown that diabetic patients possess less than 75% of the ubiquinol at their non-diabetic counterparts. Research has also proved that supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 does not have any impact, indicating towards intaking active ubiquinol directly.

Acting as anti-fatigue agent

Several experiments are initiated to check the effectiveness of ubiquinol as an agent to fight fatigue. Studies with rats have shown ubiquinol’s role in increasing energy and reduction of fatigue. Rats provided with regular dosage of ubiquinol showed increased energy by 150%, while rats given a dosage of Coenzyme Q10 showed only a 60% increase in energy.

Considering the price factor, it can be concluded that ubiquinone might continue as an effective supplement to maintain better health for people between the age group of 20-30 years; while people above 40 years would require ubiquinol as an effective supplement.